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Uncategorized Dec 08, 2023

Crystal’s journey with Scoliosis started at age 2. At age 2, her mother noticed that Crystal was walking differently than her friends. Being concerned, her mother searched for answers. Remembering that a cousin had Scoliosis, she thought maybe Crystal has Scoliosis as too. 

They found the Princess Elizabeth Orthopedic treatment center in Trinidad. After having X-rays, it was confirmed Crystal had Scoliosis.  Every 6 months, Crystal would have her assessment. During one of her assessments, it was found she had a heart defect. The focus shifted from her Scoliosis to her heart. 


At ages 2-6 she was wore the Wilmington brace (a brace that is still used today in Trinidad) wearing it 23 hrs a day for the 1st year. The brace would rub against her chest. Because of an already existing heart problem, the brace affected her breathing.


This caused her to stop wearing the brace. At age 14 her curves increased to 70-80 degrees. At the doctors suggestion, she would wear the brace. During this time she would be diagnosed with Multi neuron disease. 


At age 18, with a 90 degree curve, she had surgery. Her surgery was a success but she lives with occasional pain. Her curve post surgery is 60 degrees.  


Through the foundation her parents instilled in her, Crystal lives in a world of always finding the positives. Having Scoliosis at such a young age, was sensitive. She had the belief that her treatment would give her a straight spine & no more pain. Though life didn’t go as planned, she never let her situation bring her down. This drives Crystal to help people. 



“My past experience has fulled me to do better.” Her mother instilled the belief of being optimistic.”

It’s an invisible illness

I am unique. You cannot allow your circumstances out way the rest of your life & so started Woman of Steel. 

You're stronger than you think

Listen to her story & how her journey has changed the lives of others


Where can you find Crystal: 

Instagram WomanofSteel97

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