Rik Brown

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Rik has always liked working out since his teen years. At the time there was a strong consciousness of body building. Everyone wanted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I trained hard but I didn’t look like them. I got stronger but was frustrated.

It was during Y2K, kettlebells became popular in the states. The only place to get certified was in Minnesota. He got certified & went back home to California, having a few kettlebell clients. One of them wanted to to video Rik training with Kettlebell for an upcoming DVD. It was at the shoot that he was introduced to the mace.

He started training his private clients with the mace. In 2013, he decided to do a seminar. 18 people showed up! Rik got excited. If he could do with 18 people why not do it again. That’s exactly what he did. Rinse & repeat. He kept it close to home staying in the San Diego, LA area. Then he got a call from a gym in northern California asking him to come & couch. The ball kept rolling, in 2015 he got call from New Mexico. Rik has since taught in Ireland, England, Germany, Italy. To date Rik has taught 56 seminars ranging ages from 15-81!

I asked Rik, what has the mace given you? A creative feeling. Either I chose the mace or the mace chose me & I haven’t even scratched the surface.

Where can you find Rick Brown?

Instagram: therealmr.maceman

Facebook: Rik Brown

YouTube: Rik Brown

Resources: Adex


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