Move with confidence, consistently even with scoliosis or a fused spine.

Mindful Movement Membership


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Chances are, you’re here because: 

  • You’re struggling
  • You’re in pain
  • You haven’t found someone who understands your body & it’s limitations

And most well meaning fitness programs don’t realize the fear, and the impact people with a fused spine or scoliosis face, and their programs don’t take you into consideration and so it’s easy to feel afraid to want to move and get fit. And maybe you’re left feeling like you just have to live with this ongoing nagging pain forever.

I get you! I too was that person. That it exactly why, I’ve created the Mindful Movement Membership.


A monthly membership designed specifically with people with scoliosis or a fused spine.

 • • • • • 

Here’s what you get inside the MMM: 

• Access to a library of video’s specifically designed for people with scoliosis.

• A community where you get to share your wins

• A coach who is just like you

•  Coach who has 30+ years of scoliosis & being fused

• A coach who’s been in the fitness industry for 10+ years 

• A coach who works with multiple tools to create mobility, flexibility, & strength


 • • • • • 

After 3-6 months with me, you’ll feel:


• Freedom in your back pain.

• More energy from moving

• Confidence around how to move.

Now while this sounds amazing, I’m sure you’re wondering how much is this gonna cost? I hear you! 


To work 1:1 can be $$$ and not always accessible. People have spent thousands of dollars to work with me, this is why I’ve created the most affordable way inside the MMM.

So, are you in?

Here's what people say:


What’s the investment?

For less then $1 a day, you’ll receive -


• Access to a workout library

• Monthly programs

• Be part of a community where you can ask questions

• Have access to an experienced scoliosis coach

• Celebrate your wins


Enroll now for just $29

What people say about Teresa.

I really enjoy working with you and using your videos. You were the first person I talked to in 35 years since my first surgery that actually knew how it felt to be in a body like mine. You knew how I had to adjust moves that were simple to people with normal spines, to make them work for me. You understand how balance works for people with fused spines. You helped my son learn to stretch and strengthen his spine in the right spots and his scoliosis curvature stayed the same through a major growth spurt. Such a win! Thank you! 

-Julie A

Teresa is an inspiring, informed, supportive and results-driven personal trainer.  Her services are so much more than that.  I have scoliosis, horrible posture, don’t want to work out and definitely do not want to put much effort in.  Teresa immediately made me feel comfortable.  She is nurturing and supportive while educating me on every move.  How it will benefit my body.  Where I should focus with every motion.  Her precision is laser focused on form – and building your personal strength.  I’m at ease and feel encouraged.  I’ve seen major improvements in my body.  My posture has improved greatly.  I didn’t realize Teresa would introduce me to “the new me” and it’s a person I like becoming.  She is nurturing and supportive to everyone around her.  If you are remotely interested in transformation – know there is a friend in Teresa waiting to guide you.  All you have to do is make the decision and show up.  She holds your hand the rest of the way.

-Jason S

I have been training with Teresa since 2017, and it has changed my life tremendously. She is professional, dependable and personable. She understands my needs and designs her course around my physical limitations so that I do not risk injury. Even though she is a tough trainer who challenges me at every work-out, she is great fun to be around and I look forward to every session with her. She is very organized with scheduling and never lets me down. With Teresa, I am able to develop a consistent exercise routine over the years and I feel stronger, healthier, and happier.

-Ting L

To me, Teresa is the whole package - trainer, therapist, friend. I started working with her a few months after I had a baby to try and ease back into a routine. She knew exactly how to tailor the workout to how my body was feeling on any given day. She could slow it down when I needed it but also find ways to help me push through when I thought I’d hit my limit.
She was flexible with scheduling and was able to switch quickly to online training when I was short on time and couldn’t leave the house. I was a little skeptical about online personal training initially, but Teresa found a way to make it work. From scouting my apartment to find the right space for the workout, to customizing our routine to use the equipment I had at home, she made it hard to find an excuse to miss a session.
She is a fun person, great to have a chat with when I’m in the mood, but someone who intuitively knows to give me space on my quieter days.
I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer who really cares and will work with you to help you meet your fitness goals.


If you’re on the fence, I get it! I'm so certain this is exactly what you need that I’m willing to take on all the risk Join now and cancel any time.